Top 3 reasons to work as a Massage Therapist

Reason 1. Diverse Work Opportunities
There is an abundance of opportunity for trained massage therapists. You may work in a hospital, spa, hotel, or a doctor's office, or set up an independent practice and manage your own hours, rates, and business structure. Running your own business allows you to work from home, set your own hours, and individualize your working space.
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Massage Therapy Training

Massage therapy focuses on improving the health and general well-being of clients through manipulation of soft and deep tissues. As part of your work, you may manipulate, skin, muscles and connective tissue to relieve aches, pains, strains, or improve movement or circulation. There are many different types of massage therapy designed for different ailments and outcomes.
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Holistic Medicine Schools

What is Holistic Medicine?
Holistic medicine differs from traditional western medicine in its focus. Traditional medicine focuses on diagnosis and treatment of a specific complaint in isolation. Alternative medicine takes into account the whole of a patient's well-being. A good example can be represented by a headache. Western medicine practitioners might recommend painkillers. Alternative medicine schools, by contrast, might seek the cause of the headaches (for example, stress) and treat the patient for stress as well as the short term relief gained through using analgesics.
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Which Is Better, Working at Home or on a Cruise Ship?

This seems like an impossible and improbable question for the millions of sorry individuals who work in gray cubicles across the country. But to a massage therapist, this is a decision that must be made daily. 64% of massage therapists are self-employed, meaning that they have the luxury of setting up studios in their homes, or wherever else they please. The remaining 36% work in hotels, spas, cruise ships, medical facilities, and fitness centers around the world. Imagine if your office was the Pacific Ocean. And instead of office politics and gossip, you spent every day listening to relaxing music as you helped patients and clients achieve total calm and spiritual centeredness.
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Massage Therapy Career

There are few careers that have seen such a meteoric rise in recent years as massage therapy careers. Current massage therapy jobs statistics suggest that there are three times as many people using massage therapists in the USA than there were ten years ago. As of April 2005, 35 US states now regulate massage therapists. The ever-increasing acceptance of alternative therapies, and the incorporation of massage in many corporate health strategies, means that this incredible massage therapy job growth should continue.
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Sports Massage School

The number of people using massage therapy has tripled in the last ten years. Sports massage has become particularly popular, both for sports persons and other people who want to build up strength in certain areas. If you are interested in sports massage training, you may want to pursue it as part of a wider massage therapy program, or as a dedicated program from sports massage school.
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Physical Therapy Training

There are over 200 physical therapy schools in the USA. Over half of these offer physical therapy degrees at masters level, and just under half offer doctoral physical therapy degrees. Therapists must pass a licensure exam after physical therapy training. Your physical therapist training should include the following areas:
  • General science - biology, chemistry, and physics
  • Biomechanics
  • Neuroanatomy
  • Human growth and development
  • Manifestations of disease
  • Examination techniques
  • Therapeutic procedures.
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